Placing videos on your website may be a great way to entertain your audience, but videos are generally not good for your search engine optimization strategies.

Search engines cannot crawl through videos, which means that any content being used on the video cannot be accessed by the search engine. Because of this, the search engine can’t use the keywords being used to help rank your site, which means that your site will generally fall further and further down the search engine results page (SERP).

Luckily, there are ways to counteract the negative effects videos have on your SEO, and the following are three best practices to implement to ensure your videos receive the strongest Video SEO strategies available.

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1. Add keywords to titles, tags and descriptions.

There is a backend to every video, and this backend allows you to add a title, tags and a description to your video. It’s extremely important that you add these items to your video and that you place keywords in these areas as well. Be sure that the title of your video contains keywords that relate to the topic of the video, and make sure the title flows naturally. This way, when someone searches for those keywords, your video has a better chance of appearing among the results.

Tags are also important because they serve as keywords for your video. Make sure you add as many relevant tags as you possibly can, and choose those that are the popular choices among your audience. This way, your tags can reach a larger number of people and your video has a better chance of becoming found.

Every video also allows you to add a small description, so be sure to do this. Use keywords in your description that are relevant to your video, and make sure that you place them naturally in the content. If you use your description to simply list keyword after keyword, it will have a negative effect on your SEO efforts. Instead, natural appearing keywords are stronger for your SEO, so keep the description real.

2. Enable closed captioning.

Every video also has the option of enabling closed captioning, and this is extremely important in order to improve your video’s SEO. Search engines will be able to read the content produced in the closed captioning, and this will help improve your overall SEO. Plus, not only can the search engines now index the content from your video, but you’ll also increase your reach through accessibility.

Hearing impaired individuals need closed captioning in order to receive information from videos. If you enable closed captioning on your videos, you’ll be making your videos accessible to those who are hearing impaired. This feature can help you attract more people to your videos, and if you receive more traffic, you’ll also increase your SEO.

3. Have your videos transcribed.

In order for your videos to help your SEO, you should have your videos transcribed and place the transcription on your website. When you do this, the search engines will be able to crawl through the content in search of keywords and use their findings to rank you appropriately.

You should hire a professional transcriptionist to transcribe your video content. These individuals are professional and guarantee a high accuracy rating, which is better than if you tried to tackle the job on your own.

You should place the transcription directly on your website, but it may be more beneficial for you to place the transcription on a different web page. This way, you’ll ensure your content density is correct, which helps improve your SEO. Also, if your content is extremely long, you should consider paginating the transcription too, otherwise it will be too long to be beneficial to your SEO needs.

If you’re going to link to the transcription, be sure that your link has valuable keywords as well instead of a generic “click here”. This way, the link serves as beneficial to your SEO too, not just the content it links too.

When you implement these three best practices, your videos will have better SEO success.