The most important objective of a blogger is to ensure that the right types of people visit the blog. Secondly, whenever a blog is being uploaded on the Internet, it should feature high Search Engine Rankings, failing which the blog is as good as lost. Last but not the least, unless the blogs load quite rapidly, you could end up with visitors not being interested to browse the site defeating the very purpose of your blog. There are some useful but simple steps, which could play a big role in ensuring that your blogs are uploaded faster and serve the purpose for which they are written. Here are 10 points, which could go a long way in faster upload of blog articles, Thereby helping to reach many readers within a short period.

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10 Tips To Improve Your Blog Speed And Performance

1. You should start with the process as soon as you have decided to install WordPress for blogging purposes. It would not be a bad idea to pen down the various reasons for which you are going to use your blog.

2.Targeting the right section of customers is very important because the internet is a big ocean and unless segmentation of viewers is done properly, the chances of the Blogs getting lost on the way are quite high.

3.Coming out with the right domain name on which the WordPress blogs will be residing is very important. Domain name selection could be quite tricky and it should be in line with the main objectives, which you have in mind.

4.Differentiating between the personal and Business blogs is very important when one is uploading blogs rapidly onto the internet.Mixing them could be fraught with unwanted problems and failures.

5.While use of plug-ins is very necessary as far as blogs are concerned, the indiscreet use of these plug-ins should be avoided, because it certainly will slow down the speed at which the blogs are uploaded.

6.If your blog contains a few inactive plug-ins, they should be removed and purged regularly.

7.Blogs with graphics can certainly make attractive reading but using too many graphics can slow down the upload of blogs. Hence, optimize the use of graphics.

8.It is also important to ensure regular maintenance and cleaning of the database, to ensure that the blogs are uploaded rapidly.

9.Many bloggers often forget the utility of using the auto save facilities in PHP, which certainly can increase the speed of the blogs.

10.Indiscriminate upload of images without checking on their size should be avoided at all costs. The images should be as clear as possible with minimum size.

There is little doubt that while blogs have a very important and vital role to play, the speed at which they are uploaded, the contents that they provide and the periodicity with which these blogs are updated and changed are very important factors. Unless these are kept in mind, moving forward in the right direction could be a difficult and challenging task. Regular update of knowledge base and getting to understand the latest happenings in this area is of extreme importance.